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Little Young Miss (2)

The driver began speaking non-stop about the topic.

“There were countless people who were admitted to Qingbei1 this year, and the ones who were accepted to top-grade universities were even more numerous.

Even the worst ones got into first class universities, so why wouldn’t people squeeze together until their heads burst”

Jiang Xing was startled, “100% of them got into first class universities Is it even possible that the acceptance rate is really 100%’

“Haha… I don’t dare to say 100%, but it’s definitely at least 98%.”

Jiang Xiumei who had been half-dead just now heard this.

Her eyes immediately opened wide and she grabbed Jiang Xing’s arm while asking, “Is it really that amazing!”

If it’s such a good school, then Xiaoman should go there!

If she was going at all, then she should go for the best!

Jiang Xiaoman patted her back, “Grandma, don’t worry about this, take a rest first.”

Jiang Xing also nodded, telling Jiang Xiumei not to worry.

After arriving at the hotel, Jiang Xiumei began to talk about the so-called Qiming Highschool, thinking that their family’s Xiaoman should also attend.

This was a knot in her heart.

In the past, she always felt that she didn’t have the ability to give the best to her children.

Now that she had the ability, she wanted to give them everything.

It was fine if she didn’t know about Qiming, but now that she knew, she wanted Xiaoman to go there.

She continued blabbering, “Ai, Xiaoman, if your parents are good, why don’t you go to highschool here for now, and come back after you finish”

Jiang Xiaoman’s teeth began to ache.

If only her parents were good, then it would be fine.

But she didn’t want to worry Grandma, so she nodded and replied, “Then it would be for the best.

Grandma, take a rest first, your lips are turning white.”

“Okay, rest well.

Tomorrow, Grandma will go to your house with you and ask your parents.”

Jiang Xiumei was full of enthusiasm, but she could not make the trip.

Because after she went to sleep, she became so sick again that she couldn’t open her eyes.

She couldn’t stand the toss and turning anymore with her age.

Although her body was strong, she was also already old.

Jiang Xiaoman’s eyes turned red with anxiety.

After discussing with Jiang Xing, she went to the Wen family house alone to take a look, while Jiang Xing stayed here to take care of Jiang Xiumei.

If anything went wrong, she would run to the hospital.

At first, Jiang Xing did not agree with Jiang Xiaoman’s plan.

From Jiang Xing’s point of view, adult matters must be resolved by adults.

No matter how smart and clever Xiaoman was, she was still a child.

How could she deal with such complicated things If her parents were good then it was fine, but if they were bad, how could she, a child, deal with those wolves and tigers

Jiang Xing said that this was no-good and that was no-good.

In short, everything was no-good.

Later, Jiang Xiaoman silently stuffed a brick in her bag and asked him, “Is this fine now”

Jiang Xing was startled, then patted her head, “Call 110 if anything happens.”

“Uh-huh!” Jiang Xiaoman nodded vigorously.

So, Jiang Xiaoman went to the Wen family alone.

When Butler Wen came back, Wen Hui was already waiting for him and immediately asked with tears in her eyes, “How about the child Where is she”

Butler Wen lowered his head, “Master said he would bring the child back, and he is negotiating with the family who adopted the child.

It seemed to be troublesome.”

Wen Hui nodded, knowing that these worldly customs were necessary.

She didn’t mention anything else and asked, “Is that child doing well”

“The child is doing well.

She looks just like you, very cute, very energetic, just…” Butler Wen paused and said, “I was kicked out just after entering their door, and I didn’t get to talk to the family who adopted her.

But from the looks of it, their style seemed rather… fierce, and didn’t seem to be an esteemed family.


“And what” Wen Hui’s brows could not help frowning.

“And when I arrived, the kid was pulling up radishes.”

“Pulling, pulling up radishes”

“Yes, she pulled up a basket of radishes and her body was covered in mud.

When I saw her, she was raising pigs on a farm.”

She must have had a hard life, but Butler Wen didn’t say it explicitly.

Wen Hui was stunned, her mind filled with many thoughts.

Her tears fell, feeling guilty and distressed.

She sighed, “Forget it, it’s fine, it’s fine.

As long as she is alright, it’s fine.

It’s good enough that we can get her back, everything else doesn’t matter.”

She finished crying and was anxious to see her daughter, so she called Liang Yuanqing.

“When exactly are you coming back”

“Where’s the child Let her have a word with me.”

“What” Wen Hui raised her voice and said sullenly, “Butler Wen said you told him to come back first, but you lost her Where is my child! Let me tell you, if she’s lost, you won’t see the end of this!”

Liang Yuanqing’s mouth was full of bitterness; he wanted to know more than Wen Hui where Jiang Xiaoman’s family was!

“Wen Hui, don’t get too emotional.” Liang Yuanqing narrowed his eyes and said, “I don’t want to either, but that **ing family just took her away without saying anything.

I’m afraid they have some ulterior motives.

Listen to me.

If someone comes to you, no matter what they say, you should come to me first, and we will discuss it together.

Nowadays, there are quite a lot of people demanding reward because they feel that they’ve done something.”

Wen Hui was going insane and shouted in a shrill voice, “You bastard! I don’t care, you have to get her back!”

“I’ll find her, don’t worry.

Remember what I said, be careful of the other party’s tricks, don’t believe what they say.”

After he was done ratting them and “vaccinating” Wen Hui against the Jiang, Liang Yuanqing hung up the phone.

Wen Hui had just finished scolding Liang Yuanqing for being useless, and was about to get someone to help find Xiaoman when suddenly the security guard at the door called.

“Ma’am, there’s someone who claims to be the Little Young Miss on the door, saying she wants to see you.”

“Let her in.”

Liang Yuanqing, this idiot, he couldn’t even handle such a thing!



 Short for the top two university in China; Tsinghua University and Beijing University.

In modern pinyin Tsinghua would be Qinghua, but the university itself prefers to keep the Tsinghua spelling.

So the tiers of universities would go from Qingbei > Top-Grade Unis > First Class Unis.


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